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Personal Security

Everyone deserves to be safe and secure at  home, their workplace, traveling, and enjoying life with family and friends.

The best personal security and executive protection involves a comprehensive threat assessment, gathering intelligence, operational planning, real-time information, liaison with local law enforcement, and the use of well trained and experienced security personnel.

Our agents are armed with advanced intelligence and are masters at anticipating and preparing for all possible scenarios. You can rest assured that our security professionals will prioritize your safety and security.

Workplace Security

In today’s world, you need to be prepared for all possible security threats to your organization by disturbed persons.

Some scenarios include but are not limited to the termination or suspension of an employee, a rejected job applicant, a reduction in force, or the closing of a facility could result in disastrous situations.

Companies need to prepare for a wide variety of potential threats, including the possibility of violence toward other employees, customers, management, or the vandalization of facilities.

We can deploy agents to protect you and your organization while you focus on managing your workforce and company.

Safeguarding High-Value Assets

We provide all forms of asset protection and asset security during transportation.

We understand many businesses will not have the resources or expertise available to properly safeguard high-value assets and/or protect them during transportation. Our security agents are professionally trained in the protection of valuable goods and highly experienced in safely protecting them while they are being transported both short and long distances.

Our Asset Protection and Asset Transportation Security Services Include:

  • Buildings, land, cash, jewelry, antiques, gold, art, and other valuable assets
  • Driving you and your assets to your destination
  • Providing security for vehicles transporting your assets


An accidental fire on your property or the criminal act of intentionally setting your property on fire could lead to expensive loss of assets and injuries. Our fire watch professionals can provide emergency services to businesses that may be having problems with their fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, or have received threats of vandalism to their property. Taking the precaution of having fire watch services can save you and your company from potential damages, lawsuits, and the cost of losing invaluable possessions.

When it comes to our services, a fire watch security professional will monitor your property to detect any threats of fire, vandalism, or other security concerns. Our professionals are licensed and highly trained when it comes to detecting and responding to all potential threats.

Steps to Take Action



Call us with your security and safety concerns, location and details on the situation.



Every situation is different. We prioritize your safety and deliver a personalized security solution to meet your needs.



Homeland Security Operations will offer continued support and work with you and your organization on a day to day or monthly basis.

Why choose to work with us?


Unique Experience

Homeland Security Operations agents are former law enforcement officers, military veterans, and security professionals.


Extensive Training

Advanced training and experience in workplace security, personal protection, asset protection and recovery, incident response, effective communication, de-escalation, conflict resolution, emergency first aid care.


Eyes & Ears

Homeland Security Operations agents are continuously watchful and alert to detect, deter and prevent all security threats and criminal activity.